Corey Seager Obliterated a Fan's Nachos With a Home Run

Fan's snack rudely interrupted by game-tying longball.

Ballpark food just tastes better. And it should because it costs so much more thanks to that ol' pesky supply and demand. Fans have to savor every last morsel to make their coin count—but there's an old adage in baseball that the ball will find you when you want it least.

It's hard to imagine a time when there's less of a desire for a missile to be launched in your direction than when a delicious tray of nachos is resting on your lap and the opposing team is up at bat. Texas Rangers' Corey Seager showed no regard for a Philadelphia Phillies fan who found themselves in that exact situation above the right field wall at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday night, blasting a line drive directly at the tortillas.

The chips died a heroic death but also one that made it easy for the replay review center to overturn the call on the field and award Seager a home run that leveled the score at 3–3.

People have to feel terrible for that appetite, yet appreciate that this is tremendous content.

Rarely if ever do we all get the opportunity to grapple with the confusingly vicious properties of whatever that cheese-like substance is. There's something hauntingly beautiful about watching it drift through space, destined to ruin anything in its path.

The tray did end up on the warning track so maybe the organization could get the team to autograph it and return it to the fan, adding to a night they'll never forget. Or, more realistically, it's probably already wedged in a trash can somewhere.

Kyle K