Injured Mariners Player Was Streaming 'Call of Duty' During Comeback Win

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Tayler Saucedo of the Seattle Mariners suffered a right knee hyperextension earlier this month and is currently on the 15-day IL, which is why he didn't make the trip to New York to play the Yankees with his teammates this week. If you were wondering how he is passing the time, Saucedo was home streaming on Twitch while Seattle staged a thrilling ninth inning comeback at Yankee Stadium, but don't worry, he didn't miss a second of the action.

Saucedo was online going crazy as the top of the Mariners batting order plated four against Clay Holmes in the top of the ninth and Andres Munoz slammed the door shut on New York in the bottom half of the inning. The Mariners put together a little video to commemorate the moment.

What the Mariners social media team isn't telling you is that Saucedo was playing Call of Duty as Tommy Chong, which is possibly the weirdest visual one will ever encounter in any war zone.

When the team at Activision came up with the idea to make Cheech & Chong playable characters in the mid-2020's, there must have been a discussion about whether anyone would get it, but even if the reference is lost on younger players, it's definitely a vibe.

It's incredible that Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong created characters that have now endured for more than a half a century. The fact that stoners created a year before Atari was founded are now available for download while people consume their official gummies legally is kind of wild. If time travel were possible, going back to the late 60's to explain this to Cheech & Chong should be right up there on the list of things to do with that technology.

To bring this back to baseball, the Mariners are now 26-22 following the win over the Yankees. When Up In Smoke hit theaters on September 15, 1978, the Mariners, in just their second season, lost at home to the Chicago White Sox to drop to 54-90 on the season. On that same day the Minnesota Twins beat the Milwaukee Brewers, 10-3, which seems like the kind of thing that would have depressed Red Foreman on an episode of That 70's Show... which starred Tommy Chong as Leo, a role he recently reprised on That 90's Show, which takes place around the time when Tayler Saucedo was born.

Forget the time machine, Saucedo should stream himself reading Tommy Chong this article.

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