Knuckleball Throwing Infielder 'Nails' Minor League Batter with 63-MPH Heat

David Fletcher is playing for the Atlanta Braves' AAA affiliate Gwinnett Stripers this season after bouncing between the Los Angeles Angels and their AAA team for the last few seasons. Fletcher, an infielder by trade, also dabbles in pitching. When he's on the mound he throws a fairly effective knuckleball, a pitch that always makes batters look silly when it's working.

Fletcher made his second mound appearance of the season earlier this week, striking out three batters in one inning during a blowout loss to the Memphis Redbirds. Guys were swinging so hard helmets were just about flying off.

As you can see in that video, he did hit someone. That someone was Cardinals 23-year old prospect Victor Scott II, the No. 4 prospect in the organization, who took a 63-mph pitch to the back and acted like he got nailed by a big league fastball... in slow motion.

What a performance for the 1,500 in attendance at AutoZone Park to witness. Both from Fletcher and Scott, who had a great Spring Training with the Cardinals before he was sent down to the minors at the start of the season.

While Thursday's game between the teams took place without incident, you have to wonder if Scott will get his revenge by having one of the Redbirds' pitchers lob a changeup at Fletcher at some point this weekend. We could be on the precipice of baseball's funniest, most harmless rivalry.

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Stephen Douglas


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