SI Insider: Examining One of MLB's Contingency Plans for a Return

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Major League Baseball is optimistic there'll be some kind of a season at some point this year. It all depends on the science, so there are no set plans. There are just contingencies. 

But let's examine one of those in which the World Series is played in mid-November. They don't want to be playing the World Series in December, but they could push it to the middle of the month of November. In that case, weather could be an issue. So let's say you had a Dodgers-Twins World Series where the games in Minnesota might be difficult to play. You could play all the games in Los Angeles or move some of the games to a dome. 

Now, you should expect an expanded postseason, probably seven teams in each league. In that scenario, you'd have a postseason that takes about 31 to 34 days on the calendar. If you figure an eighty-one game regular season, that's 13 weeks. And as for training to get ready for that schedule, about three weeks, that's a total of 21 weeks. 

In that scenario, to have a World Series no later than mid-November, you'd need to start ramping up in the beginning of July. 

Now, again, this all depends on the science. And when you do begin playing baseball, it's most likely going to be played for a while - in empty ballparks. There's a lot that needs to happen. But the point is, Major League Baseball is starting to be more optimistic about the potential of a baseball season this year.