White Sox Announcer’s Losing-Streak Prediction Went Hilariously Wrong for Him

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The baseball season is long no matter how good your team is. So when its bad, like the 2024 Chicago White Sox, it must feel like an eternity. And that is the current situation facing NBC Sports Chicago's John Schriffen and Steve Stone. The South Siders had the worst record in baseball going into Thursday's game against the Boston Red Sox, but Schriffen continues to be ridiculously optimistic about the team's chances.

Having lost 13 straight games Schriffen opened the broadcast with some optimism. "I'm gonna go out on a limb," said Schriffen. "I feel good. Tonight is the night the losing streak comes to an end. We've got new blood in the lineup. New guys who are looking for their first major league hit and Paul DeJong with the wind blowing out, maybe he adds to his total tonight."

The White Sox proceeded to lose 14-2. DeJong went 0-for-3 at the plate

As Schriffen called the final out they showed a graphic confirming that the 2024 White Sox now own the longest losing streak in club history. Keep in mind that this is a club that has been around since the year 1901.

While Schriffen's prediction may have been proven wrong, Stone threw in a guaruntee of his own at the end of the broadcast.

"Yeah, well you can put that 14 up there 'cause it's gonna stay there 'cause Garrett Crochett wins tomorrow. That's the way this series goes by the way. Red Sox win the first one. White Sox win the second one then they'll worry about three and four when they get there, but that's the guy that's gonna end it tomorrow. It'll stay at 14."

Schriffen was dealing with vibes and they turned sour, but Stone appears to be working with facts. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

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