May 08, 2008

After a long and sometimes rocky road, Jonathan Goulet has reached a new pinnacle of his career after defeating Kuniyoshi Hironaka in the "Fight of the Night" at UFC 83 in Montreal.

"That was one of the best moments of my life. I was happy and I was kind of surprised. In the same time I was proud of myself because I didn't stop MMA last year to work full time," stated an elated Goulet.

Unfortunately for Goulet, he'll be unable to capitalize on his recent momentum as originally planned. Although it had yet to be officially announced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he had intended on fight Paul Kelly at UFC 85 in London.

"I have to cancel the fight against Paul Kelly for UFC 85 because of health reasons," said Goulet, not disclosing the nature of his health concerns.

He added, "When I do fight him, I will stand and try to knock him out. If we have to go to the ground, I'm not scared at all of his ground game. I'll do my best to finish that fight as soon as I can."

Asked about his future plans, Goulet stated, "I just want to fight hard and do a great show and be able to read and hear great things about me. I'm tired of being unknown. When I'll finish the UFC contract I will for sure sign another one and at that moment I will talk with them about fighters who I want to fight."

Goulet denied rumors that he has parted ways with his longtime coach Steve Claveau and the Team Legion training gym in Victoriaville, Quebec.

"I didn't really split from Team Legion. I just moved to Montreal to train at J Sport Core Fitness Professionals and at TriStar gym. I'm able to train there full time with personal trainers in every discipline."

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