HDNet Fights planning to air 'super-fights' in the future

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When Mark Cuban announced his intentions of promoting mixed martial arts, many people were excited about the possibilities the billionaire could bring to the sport.

Since the formation of HDNet Fights last year, the Dallas based organization has held two events. It's been five months since they've put on a show, but HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon told MMAWeekly they plan on putting together "super-fights" in the future.

HDNet started airing MMA with World Extreme Cagefighting, but has expanded their coverage to showing several regional events from around the country as well as Japanese promotions.

"We have the ability to partner with pretty much any organization out there," said Simon. "And when the timing is right, you're going to see us promote again some super-fights."

"We're going to be pretty opportunistic when we want to promote ourselves. We're in a little bit of a different position than everyone else. We have our own television network. We have our own arena in Dallas with the American Airlines Center, and we're not into it to just put on fights every month ourselves just because. I think you're going to see when we come back it will be a pretty big fight."

Simon continued, "When HDNet is the promoter, number one, it's going to be something pretty big. Congrats to the Affliction guys. They're putting on a pretty big show of big names coming up, and I think you'll see we'll do something similar, or bigger names as well. If we can partner with various organizations to do it as well, we will. There's no ego on our side. We have the ability, like I said, with our eight or nine partners to really work and bring the best fighters from a lot of organizations together."

The HDNet Fights CEO assured MMAWeekly that HDNet Fights is alive and well, stating, "We're looking forward to promoting our own events, and I think they'll be events that the fans want to see."