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Young fighters rake in big money at UFC 85


Youth prevailed at UFC 85 on Saturday night in London as 24-year-old Thiago Alves stunned two-time former UFC welterweight champion, 34-year-old Matt Hughes with a jumping knee. Not only did it earn Alves the most important victory over his career, but also "Knockout of the Night" honors and a $50,000 bonus check from the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

"Fight of the Night" went to two more youngsters in 24-year-old Matt Wiman and 23-year-old Thiago Tavares. The two fought a back and forth battle, trading submission attempts in the opening round. Round two saw Tavares rock Wiman with punches, but it was Wiman who then came back, with a flurry of fists and knees, finally scoring a knockout with a right cross at the 1:57 mark. Wiman and Tavares definitely put on a display that had fans excited, each earning a bonus check.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night, however, was "Submission of the Night." In a stunning turn of events, Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt Kevin Burns, the eldest award winner at UFC 85 at 28-years-of-age, submitted black belt Roan Carneiro with a triangle choke for his $50,000 bonus.

UFC 85 Knockout of the Night ($50,000): Thiago Alves

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UFC 85 Submission of the Night ($50,000): Kevin Burns

UFC 85 Fight of the Night ($50,000/each): Matt Wiman and Thiago Tavares