June 16, 2008

There are times when you watch a show and although the fights are good, there is usually someone on the card who stands out as being something a little special. One such fighter competed at Cage Rage Contenders 10 at the Troxy on Saturday night in London, and his name is Kym Farid.

Fighting in the middleweight division, Farid has always appeared in excellent shape and has vicious power to complement his aggressive nature in the cage. He has recently been working with Paul "Semtex" Daley and the benefits were clear to see.

From the opening moments of his bout with Danny Cubbit, it was evident that he wanted to fight on his feet. His striking was fast and violent. He wasn't landing particularly cleanly at first, mainly down to his opponent's ability to avoid getting hit, but as the fight wore on began to find his timing.

Round two started with Farid launching at Cubbit with a superman punch before stuffing the takedown and driving to the cage. Clinched up, there was further evidence of Daley's handiwork by virtue of two vicious elbows landing flush upon breaking and opening a cut in the eyebrow line of his tough opposition as he tumbled to the canvas. Farid wasted no time in following him down into side control before opening up a thunderous barrage of shots to record the knockout and leave Cubbit swimming in a pool of his own blood.

Farid has the tools and the attitude, as well as some notable holes in his game, but the potential is there and in six to nine months time those holes should be plugged and he will be one dangerous fighter to watch out for.

Denniston Sutherland once again approved his mettle by dispatching the much heavier Mark Buchannan by virtue of ground and pound towards the end of the second round. Sutherland controlled the ground action in a surprising twist as you would expect that to be Buchannan's realm, especially given the success Sutherland was having standing having dropped his larger opponent on two separate occasions.

Buchannan just didn't seem to have an answer to Surtherland before the close of the bout. It may have been fatigue or just positioning, as he was defending his head well with his elbow to avoid direct contact, but regardless, the eventual victor knew the end was nigh and just kept plugging away until referee Grant Roberts had seen enough and stopped the bout.

Jack Mason won his fight with Mamarizaev Jahonghir not by the manner he anticipated, but by disqualification due to illegal downward elbow strikes to the back of the head. This wasn't an isolated incident though as Jahonghir had already been subject to a yellow card warning earlier in the bout for a similar illegal elbow offense, somehow confusing the Troxy venue with a Vale Tudo ring in Sao Paolo. Up until that point though, Mason was exhibiting the better grappling skills and had some beautiful transitions from the bottom. It was shaping up to be a good fight. As soon as his inch long gash to the back of his head heals up, he surely will be back in the fray again.

Piotor Kusmierz made his MMA debut by dispatching the tentative Anton Schutte by ground and pound early in the first. To his credit Schutte stepped into the fray on short notice to face an unknown quantity in the Polish fighter, who tipped the scales at a solid 130 kilograms. Opening the bout with a vicious teep kick signalled his intent before a brief scuffling around the cage clinched up. It was when the fight hit the ground that Kusmierz really let his heavy hands go and proceeded to batter the downed fighter before the stoppage.

"Baby Face" Mark Smith looked solid in his victory over the experienced JayGilbey to record a guillotine submission victory in a surprise result over the noted grappler. Brett Bassey avoided a Mark Weir-style high kick from opponent Jermaine Facey to land a sharp jab followed by a loaded left hook sending the fighter down and out inside 25 seconds. It was a long time for him to recover and get back to his feet, but thankfully he was okay after the vicious fall. Nigel Whitear was swinging for the fences in his bout with Steve O'Rourke, but wasn't within range, his opponent found it however with a brutal hook 40 seconds into the first.

Injuries were also sadly present with Irving Daniels picking up his win over former strongman Pacer Allen when he deflected a takedown. Allen fell down doubling his leg back and sliding his kneecap out of place and out of the bout. Jake Bostwick also fell prey to the injury bug having broken his hand-punching opponent SteveDossett in the head, a real shame as things were shaping up to be a wild scrappy fight between the two. Both have agreed to rematch further down the line once healed.

Finally, Jody Cottham fell prey to Alex Harvey's rear naked choke, Chris Grieg pounded on Swajaunas Siaucilla for the stoppage and Richard Griffin choked out short notice replacement and friend Deano Durrant with a rear naked choke.

-Denniston Sutherland def. Mark Buchannan by TKO (Strikes) at 4:21, R2 -Jack Mason def. Mamarizaev Jahonghir by Disqualification (Illegal Elbows) at 4:17, R1 -Steve O'Rourke def. Nigel Whitear by KO at 0:40, R1 -Steve Dossett def. Jake Bostwick by TKO at 1:04, R1 -Brett Bassett def. Jermaine Facey by KO at 0:25, R1 -Kym Farid def. Danny Cubbit by KO at 0:47, R2 -Mark Smith def. Jay Gilbey by Guillotine Choke at 0:50, R1 -Richard Griffin def. Deano Durrant by (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:23, R1 -Piotor Kusmierz def. Anton Schutte by TKO (Strikes), R1 -Billy Mahoney def. Rob Johnson by (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:57, R1 -Irving Daniels def. Pacer Allen by TKO (Knee Injury) at 0:23, R1 -Chris Grieg def. Swajaunas Siaucila by TKO (Strikes) at 1:41, R1 -Alex Harvey def. Jody Cottham by (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:48, R2

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