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IFL sensation Matyushenko under hazy contract with promotion


Vladimir Matyushenko has been one of the real success stories of the International Fight League. Despite the promotion's difficulties, he has remained a constant source of excellence since his debut for the company in 2007.

Currently riding an eight-fight winning streak, Matyushenko, the IFL's current 205-pound champion, is eager to continue his winning ways, even though the IFL has placed their operations on hold.

With the announcement that the previously scheduled Aug. 15 New Jersey show was being cancelled, many of the promotion's talent has signed elsewhere, yet the status of their titleholders is still uncertain.

For Matyushenko, it appears there is some light amidst the confusion.

"I'm still under contract, but we have a verbal agreement that they'll let me fight elsewhere," he said of his contract status. "I have a few organizations with a few offers, but I'm looking for more.

"I'm looking forward to fighting. A fighter needs to fight, just like a racing horse needs to do what they need to do to go on. Right now I'm ready to go if anybody's interested."

According to Matyushenko's gentleman's agreement with the IFL, he can go elsewhere, but with some limitations.

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"I believe right now as things stand, I can't sign any long-term contracts until the end of the year (when my IFL contract expires), but I may take a fight or two for sure," he stated.

Always one in the past to step in on a minute's notice, Matyushenko is more than ready to jump right into the mix, should an organization need him quickly.

"I'm in good shape," he commented. "I was training for my fight in August, even with the news that I was not going to fight in August; I continued to train, because just in case someone offered me (a fight)."

Currently with an impressive record of 21-3, it would be hard for any promotion to pass up on what has become the feel-good story of the light-heavyweight division over the last year.

Once a forgotten commodity, the soft-spoken native of Belarus has proven himself to be a truly valuable asset with his strong performances over the last couple of years.

Whether it's in the IFL or another promotion, he doesn't show any signs of wanting to slow down any time soon.

"To me, as a fighter, I just want to go in, show my stuff and win -- that's my goal," stated Matyushenko. "It doesn't matter (against) whom or wherever.

"I keep my word to do it, but if things go in a different direction, I'll continue to fight no matter what."