Hughes likely out 6 to 7 months

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Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes recently updated fans on the condition of his knee injury via his personal blog. Hughes sustained the injury in a non-title fight against Thiago Silva at UFC 85 in London last month. In a blog entry written shortly after the fight, Hughes confirmed that he had partially torn the ACL ligament in his knee. The question of his future rested on his doctor's prognosis of a suspected tear in his MCL ligament.

"He performed quite a few tests on my knee," Hughes wrote. "With the results of the tests on my knee and from what I have told him, he definitely thinks the MCL and the PCL is rebuilding itself."

Still, Hughes awaits more tests to confirm the extent of the damage, and healing, that is currently taking place.

"The next time I go back up there, in a month to a month and a half, I will get an MRI and that way he can get a picture of the knee and he can see better what's going on," he continued.

Nevertheless, the oft-described "most dominant UFC welterweight champion" estimates his overall healing time at 6-7 months before he is able to fight again.

"Right now, I'm going to work out lightly, try and build up my quadricep as much as I can," he wrote.