Georges St. Pierre: I want to retire a UFC fighter

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Speculation has run rampant for the last few months with everyone from fighters to promoters weighing in on the possible defection of Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, leaving the company when his current deal is up.

According the St. Pierre, he still has time left on his current deal and an ongoing negotiation is already happening between his camp and the UFC.

"I'm with the UFC, I have two more fights on my contract and you know we're in negotiations," said St. Pierre during an appearance on MMAWeekly Radio Thursday night. "Everything is going well you know. We're talking and everything is good."

Despite just about everyone having an opinion on what he should do next, St. Pierre says that he's confident a deal will get done and the UFC will remain his home.

"We'll end up to an agreement I'm sure," St. Pierre said. "I like the UFC, I'm glad I'm champion, I want to represent the sport and also the UFC well."

St. Pierre still maintains a strong relationship with his main sponsor, Affliction, regardless of the UFC's current ban on the company's shirts and name brands being worn by their fighters.

But the current welterweight champion isn't looking at his sponsor as a future home for fighting. While nothing is ever certain until a deal is done, according to St. Pierre, he plans on fighting in the Octagon for a very long time to come.

"The UFC, that's what made me known and if possible I want to retire there