Bisping welcomes Rampage, Kongo

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The Wolfslair gym in England was known to many fans as the home of The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 winner, Michael "The Count" Bisping. But in recent weeks, the addition of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Cheick Kongo have now made the team a major entity in the MMA world.

Jackson and Kongo both recently made the decision to leave former trainer Juanito Ibarra and make the move to Team Wolfslair. Bisping, who is currently training for a fight with Chris Leben, talked about the growth of his home camp in a recent interview with

"I think it's just a sign of the team getting bigger and bigger," he commented. "Rampage and Kongo are signed now. On the domestic side in the U.K. we've got some of the other fighters in the forefront. Some of the top level fighters in the U.K., they're joining up to the team now as well."

Bisping has trained alongside Jackson in both the United States and England for many of his past fights, but says he was actually unaware the former UFC light heavyweight champion was joining the team until it happened.

"I didn't actually know he was going to join the team. He's friendly with Anthony, the manager as well you see," explained Bisping. "It was Anthony that actually told me that he had been speaking to him at some length and he decided to join the team.

"We never really talked too much about him joining the team. He came out here quite a bit; he always liked training out here. He always said how tough we were out here, and how much he was impressed by the way we train."

Apparently, Jackson recently arrived in England to start working with the team and help Bisping get ready for his Oct. 19 fight. Now with seemingly a great backbone to build on, Team Wolfslair could be considered one of the best MMA gyms in the world.

"Wolfslair is definitely becoming, I think, one of the main players on the world stage these days," Bisping said.