Kang eager to test free agency

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Considered a top free agent just over a year ago, former Pride fighter Denis Kang is back on the market after his most recent deal with Dream expired and he is looking for a new home.

The Canadian based fighter will next compete on the Raw Combat card this weekend against Marvin Eastman, but soon after he hopes to sign on with a new organization to call home.

"The Dream contract actually expired," Kang said on MMAWeekly Radio Monday. "I got one fight left, but it expired in September and we're negotiating with a few different parties right now."

While Kang could not name any of his potential suitors he did verify that "several" of them are based out of North America.

During Kang's last free agency period he was adamant about being able to fight in Korea as a part of any contract. While it is sure to still be a point of order, Kang did talk about the possibility of landing with an exclusive contract if the right promotion came along.

"Of course money's a huge thing, but it's got to be a contract that makes sense, and doesn't tie me down," said Kang. "If it's going to be an exclusive contract then pay me something that's going to make it worth my while to be exclusive and not fight anywhere else and not work anywhere else."

Many other factors will also play into Kang's final decision including an organization's willingness to promote him and not let him get lost in the pack of fighters vying for a top spot.

"It's also how is the event going to market me," he commented. "If they're going to just take me and just make me a regular fighter and shelf me or are they going to go out of their way and make me house fighter."

While his main focus this week is on Eastman, he said ideally he would like to have a deal done within a couple of weeks after that fight.