November 07, 2008

Since the purchase of World Extreme Cagefighting by Zuffa in 2006, "The California Kid" Urijah Faber had become the top star in the promotion because of his exciting style and relentless aggression. But on Wednesday night the king dropped his crown as Faber lost his 145-pound title to Mike Brown. After the fight was over, Faber made no excuses for the loss, which was on the second of his career and the first loss for him since September 2005.

"Unfortunately, I lost the belt tonight, got caught with a solid punch and TKO'd first round," Faber stated. "I'd rather go out in a blaze of glory than wither away. I'll be back, I'll be back for sure."

Following his performance, Faber had a chance to review the fight tape and also stated that he hasn't been rocked in a fight like that since the only other loss in his professional career to Tyson Griffin.

"I watched it, I basically came with a back elbow and just got caught clean with a right," said Faber. "I came into it and he was throwing hard and we just collided and he just followed me down and came with some punches so it is what it is."

With the WEC's featherweight division growing at a rapid pace and more top fighters stepping in at every event, the now former champ is more than confident that the fighter who beat him is the No. 1 competitor at 145 pounds.

"Yes, he is 100 percent," Faber responded when asked if Brown was the top featherweight in the world now. "We'll see though."

While there has been no word if there was anything such as an automatic rematch clause in the fight contract, Faber is more than open for another shot at Brown, but also understands there are other fighters out there hungry for an opportunity for the title.

"I'd love to fight him again. I got caught with a big punch, if they give me another opportunity right away, I'd love that," Faber commented. "There's Jose Aldo who looks really, really impressive, there's Leonard Garcia who just took out Jens, and was very impressive so however it goes. I think I'd love another chance to fight because I feel I didn't get to put out a full effort because the fight ended so quickly and we'll just wait and see."

And as far as when the former champion could compete again he closed with a laugh.

"Hopefully soon cause I'm going to need the cash now."

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