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Manager denies Faber's paltry pay

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When Urijah Faber lost his fight to MikeBrown at WEC 36 last week, just about everybody saw their collective jaws drop as one of the top featherweight in the world fell to defeat for the first time in over two years.

Fans were just as stunned to see the official payouts from that event and learn that based on his contractually obligated fight agreement. Faber only earned $14,000 for his efforts.

On Monday night, Faber's manager, MikeRoberts of MMA Inc. addressed the pay situation when appearing on MMAWeekly Radio.

"Absolutely not. Not even close," Roberts answered when asked if $14,000 was all that Faber was paid. "That was an accurate statement of the check he received that night. Some contractual issues came up after the September fight was postponed and that $14,000 was the remaining balance of what was owed to him. That is not what he made."

Payments are routinely paid to fighters for things such as "Fight of the Night" and "Knockout of the Night" not to mention extra bonuses paid to fighters for outstanding performances -- such as that of Leonard Garcia who received an extra pay bonus for his win over Jens Pulver -- despite not picking up one of the usual bonuses paid out following an event. In short, what is paid to a fighter on his bout agreement as filed with athletic commissions isn't always the total compensation that an athlete receives.

Roberts also explained that his fighter is still under an older contract signed with the promotion, but also that the WEC has always been good to arguably their most popular fighter in Faber.

"Keep in mind Urijah's still fighting off an old contract, but Urijah's been well taken care of for the last couple fights," Roberts commented.

With an extremely marketable style and demeanor, Faber can also expect big things in his future contracts with the organization.

"They take good care of Urijah and going forward I know they're going to take even better care of him," Roberts said in closing.