Smith looking to make Strikeforce his new home

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Scott Smith made short work of Terry Martin at Strikeforce on Friday night in San Jose, Calif., finishing the Chicago middleweight in just 24 seconds. It was a one-fight deal for him with Strikeforce, but Smith hopes to extent his relationship with the California-based mixed martial arts promotion.

"I knew once I landed one punch he was going to try to take it to the ground," commented Smith about his quick victory over Martin. "So, I wanted to make it worth his while."

To protect his healing left hand, Smith had no intentions of using it against Martin. "I had no intentions on throwing any left hooks. I broke my hand throwing a left hook in my last fight. I've got two screws in my hand right now, but for some reason I just felt that left hook and straight right-hand. I pawed that left hook out there a couple of times and it set it up perfectly. I stepped right in with the right-hand."

"It's kind of weird," added the 29-year-old fighter. "You have this game plan. It's all supposed to be left switch-kicks to the head, to the body. For some reason I just went in there and it was just a target that said left-hook, straight-right."

Smith was a victim of the recent collapse of ProElite, the parent company of the EliteXC fight promotion. Having had his scheduled EliteXC bout canceled, Smith made the move to Strikeforce and hopes to make it his new home.

"It was a one-fight deal just because we had to throw it together so fast. I would love to stick with Strikeforce," Smith told

"There's a lot of fun fights out there. There's nobody in particular ... Frank Shamrock would be a really great fight, obviously Cung Le," commented Smith on possible match ups for him in Strikeforce. "There's a lot of great 185-pounders out there that would make for a fun fight."