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Silva open to fight with Griffin

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The growth of MMA has also led to the growth of major gyms and teams around the world, but eventually teammates sometimes have to fight and that may be the case down the road for Wanderlei Silva and training partner Forrest Griffin if they both should win on Dec. 27.

Griffin spoke out on the subject recently, telling, "It's going to happen one day. He knows that and he's cool with it; I'm cool with it."

Silva spoke to MMAWeekly Radio about his friend and training partner and the likelihood of them fighting in the future.

"I'm a professional, he's a professional. He's an amazing guy," the Brazilian said about Griffin. "I train with him so hard, this guy he's really upped his boxing. He's got very good ground, very good wrestling, and I think he's a very, very tough opponent."

Friendship aside, Silva wants a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title and if that road goes through Forrest Griffin, the two competitors will square off in the Octagon and then shake hands when it's all over.

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"I know and he knows that this is a business and if I win and he wins, I'd fight him no problem," Silva stated. "He's my good friend, but business is business. This is professional."

With both fighters on the upcoming UFC 93 card in Las Vegas, Silva and Griffin have been sparring and training together non-stop in preparation for each of their respective bouts, Silva against former UFC champ Quinton Jackson and Griffin defending his belt from fellow Ultimate Fighter winner Rashad Evans.

"I train with him more because I'm going to fight the same day," commented Silva. "It's good to have him because he's tall, he's stronger, has good punches, good takedowns, and he does very good training."

Silva is confident that it is Forrest Griffin who will come out on top in his title defense, which could ultimately lead to a showdown of teammate vs. teammate.

"I'm thinking he's going to beat Rashad because he beat Shogun and he beat Rampage. I'm thinking he's going through the same trouble with Rashad in this match. I think he's going to win this match," said Silva.

If both fighters win, it could be as soon as early 2009 when Wanderlei Silva gets a shot at Forrest Griffin and the UFC light heavyweight title.