Munoz camp has no ill will toward Hamill after post-fight celebration

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Mike Roberts, manager of UFC newcomer Mark Munoz and owner of MMA Inc., has been deluged with media requests for an update on his client's condition.

Munoz was knocked out by Matt Hamill with a devastating head kick at Saturday's UFC 96. The 31-year-old wrestling standout was out cold from the blow when his chin met his knee on the way to the canvas. He absorbed a few glancing punches before referee Dan Mirgliotta stopped the fight.

Munoz regained consciousness after ringside doctors gave him oxygen, according to UFC President Dana White. Afterwards, he was taken to a Columbus hospital, where no serious injuries were found.

"Mark is in good spirits, but he's just disappointed at his performance," said Roberts, who spoke exclusively to "He knows he can do better than that."

Many fans were upset over Hamill's jubilant post-fight celebration, but Roberts said he has cleared the air with the Ohio native.

"I personally talked to Matt after the fight and he was apologetic," said Roberts. "He showed great concern for Mark's condition as they took him away. There's no animosity at all towards Matt Hamill. He's a good guy, he just got caught up in the moment."

The length of Munoz's medical suspension is unknown, but typical terms run from 30 to 60 days as a precautionary measure for knockout losses. The Ohio State Athletic Commission should release the information soon.