August 12, 2009

Not many fighters can survive a four-fight skid in a major fight promotion like World Extreme Cagefighting. Following Sunday night's loss to Takeya Mizugaki at WEC 42, it remains to be seen whether or not Jeff Curran will manage the feat.

He made it clear on Tuesday in his comments to that he feels he should be back in the WEC. Not only that, he should get a rematch with Mizugaki, feeling that the judging was off base.

"I love fighting at this level and want nothing more. My entire UFC, Pride and WEC career has been against guys who are the best in the business and I am honored to be a part of these battles we have had," he stated.

"I am, however, disgusted with the lack of knowledge that the judges in the sport of MMA have for the martial art (Jiu-Jitsu) that paved the way and dominated the first half of the sport's existence."

Curran was taken down several times in the fight by Mizugaki, but fought a very active game from his back, launching strikes in combination with constantly searching for submissions.

"The object of this sport is to do damage and try to finish your opponent. Mizugaki was saved by the bell at the end of the second round and the third. The entire fight was me out-striking him from my back after he scored one takedown early in each round," he recounted.

He had a guillotine choke wrapped around Mizugaki's neck for about 45 seconds as the second round ended, and had a triangle choke locked on from top mount, raining down blows as round three closed.

He's not the only one that felt he was winning the fight.

"Curran, I think is doing an excellent job. Really, he's not taking any abuse," noted commentator Frank Mir during the bout. "Mizugaki right now, I feel, is having to defend the sweeps and attacks. (Curran) is doing an excellent job fighting off his back.

"I really hope the judges see that it's just not the top guys that can win a fight on the ground. I think, in my opinion, Jeff Curran is winning this fight... off his back. The busier active guy is Jeff Curran," Mir added late in the third round.

"Judges need to open their eyes and see who is really controlling the fight," stated Curran on Tuesday. "Something needs to change because this is happening with poor judging all over the sport.

"What needs to be done? Who knows, maybe judges should have better qualification courses that are ran and conducted by people that really understand our sport.

"Until then, I will be training harder than ever and I will not stop. I want a rematch with Mizugaki. "

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