Petruzelli may get second another shot at joining UFC

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Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli may soon get a chance at UFC redemption.

More than two years after being released by the promotion with an unsuccessful run in "The Ultimate Fighter" and two Octagon losses, he says things are looking up with UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

"I emailed Joe and said that I had won my last fight," Petruzelli tells MMAWeekly. "He said that if I won my next fight I might be able to come back to the UFC. He emailed me back and said he was looking for a fight, to give him some time."

The 29 year-old Petruzelli caught a wave of attention after his UFC stint, though it may not have been the right type. Fourteen seconds after knocking Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson out on network TV, Petruzelli would go from career high to career low in a matter of days as post-fight comments he made called the fight's legitimacy into question. He struggled to find work afterwards.

Last month, he defeated Chris Baten by TKO at Art of Fighting, though he broke his hand in the process and now has two screws set in his hand. He is tentatively booked for a second Art of Fighting show on Nov. 22, but if the UFC comes calling, that will be shelved.

"I'm hoping to fight on the late November card," he said.

Petruzelli thinks it unlikely that he'll get a rematch anytime soon with Slice, who's about to be beamed to televisions around the world as a contestant on the tenth season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

"I really don't think that they'll do that right off the bat," he said. "That would be awesome, though."

For now, a second chance is enough.