Pop MMA quiz: How closely have you been following the news?

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Nothing is happening. Everything is happening.

The world of mixed martial arts was turned on its head a couple of weeks ago when, for the first time in its history, the UFC canceled an event. The demise of UFC 151 just a mere nine days before it was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas is a sordid tale filled with backstabbing and bellyaching. Among its many side effects, from the financial losses to the personal attacks, it also created a vacuum, a weekend free of fights that allowed other news -- everywhere from the MMA cage to the political arena -- to come to light.

How closely have you been following the news of the day? There's only one way to find out:

1. The 16th season of The Ultimate Fighter premieres next Friday on FX, with heavyweights Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson coaching two teams of welterweights, and in the Dec. 15 live finale ...

a. Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson will get to settle all of the animosity that reportedly has been brewing during the taping of the weekly reality show

b. Carwin will instead fight Dana White for the right to punch Nelson in the face

c. Carwin and White will team up in the octagon to pummel "Big Country"

2. After last month's unsuccessful attempt to wrest the UFC lightweight belt away from Benson Henderson, the man who had dethroned him in February, Frankie Edgar opted to ...

a. Ask for a rematch

b. Audition for the next season of Jersey Shore

c. Move to featherweight, a maneuver that paid instant dividends as Erik Koch, who was scheduled to challenge José Aldo for the belt at UFC 153, was injured in training and Dana White & Co. decided to give Edgar the title shot at the Oct 13 event in Rio de Janeiro

3. Reports surfaced out of Brazil last weekend that José Aldo was ...

a. Refusing to accept a replacement fight with Edgar on just six weeks' notice, and if he had to carry the cross for his company's decision, so be it

b. Moving down to bantamweight, news of which prompted 135-pound champ Dominick Cruz to drop to 125

c. Injured when his motorcycle was hit by a car on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, although the swollen foot and scratches that resulted will not keep him out of his Oct. 13 title defense

4. Pretty much every media outlet other than Fuel TV has filled the last two weeks with unyielding coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions, both of which have spewed so much attack rhetoric that they could have been staged in the octagon. There's also been way too much of those awkwardly scripted call-and-response catchphrases. Imagine if Dana White tried that while at the podium for a UFC press conference. His most overused catchphrase would be ...

a. Make my day. (Thank you, Clint Eastwood and the empty Obama chair.)

b. Set it and forget it. (Thank you, Ron Popeil and the Showtime Rotisserie.)

c. [Expletive] sport killer. (Thanks a lot, Greg Jackson.)

5. Just because UFC 151 was canceled shouldn't mean the fight promotion can just pocket the money it had set aside for bonuses, right? If there still was a Fight of the Night bonus, it should be paid out to ...

a. The various mortgage companies for undercard fighters who had their purses snatched, a dangerous occurrence for far-from-rich athletes counting on every paycheck

b. Chael Sonnen, who deserves both of the checks usually awarded because the main event ended up as his solo act

c. Jon Jones and Dana White, who have verbally sparred in the aftermath, with the UFC poobah getting in some vicious shots early and the embattled light heavyweight champion eventually unleashing a comeback

6. The day after his rescheduled title defense on Sept. 22 at UFC 152, Jon Jones will switch on the TV in his Toronto hotel room, search the listings for the New England vs. Baltimore football game -- NFL, not CFL -- and root for ...

a. His older brother, Arthur, and the Ravens

b. His younger brother, Chandler, and the Patriots

c. Neither team, because he refuses to watch after the CBS affiliate out of Buffalo changes its telecast schedule with just nine days' notice.

7. The true main event of UFC 152 is ...

a. Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort, just as the promotional posters say

b. Jon Jones vs. Dana White at the pre-fight press conference and any other joint appearances by the sniping duo

c. Joseph Benavidez vs. Demetrious Johnson, just as the promotional posters used to say, before the UFC 151 fiasco pushed "Bones" to this event and pushed out of the limelight a bout that'll likely be more competitive and almost certainly be more historic, as the promotion crowns its first flyweight champion

8. After he was cut by the UFC, the next career stop for former WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Angel Torres will be ...

a. The World Series, once some contending baseball team catches wind of his slugging prowess from the Little League days

b. The World Series of Poker, where he might not win a cent but at least will once more have the pleasure of hearing poker obsessive Bruce Buffer say his name

c. The World Series of Fighting, a new MMA promotion that makes its debut Nov. 3 on NBC Sports Network, with Torres -- 40-5 but a loser in four of his last seven bouts -- in the main event against an opponent yet to be named

9. Ronda Rousey, in the wake of her 54-second submission victory over former champion Sarah Kaufman, was proclaimed the "best female fighter ever" by ...

a. Cris "Cyborg" Santos in Ladies' Home Journal

b. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones

c. Rolling Stone magazine

10. The much-awaited Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre superfight, which Dana White proclaimed is "pretty close," would take place at Cowboys Stadium because ...

a. It would be the biggest fight in UFC history and thus would deserve a big stage such as the 110-000-capacity domed facility outside Dallas

b. It's easy to get to from both Montreal and Rio de Janeiro

c. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants Tony Romo to get a close look at Silva, hoping his quarterback might learn a thing or two from "The Spider" about how to finish

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