Nate Diaz is making his return to the Octagon with style. 

The fighter will make his first UFC appearance since August 2016 when he faces Anthony Pettis in the welterweight fight at UFC 241 on Saturday at the Honda Center in Anaheim. 

But in the leadup to his return, Diaz decided to bust out all the stops Wednesday when he started smoking what appeared to be a joint during his open workout. 

He also passed it through the crowd. 

UFC president Dana White quickly made his thoughts known. 

But in an interview with media following the move, Diaz said he was smoking CBD and not weed. He says it's "Game Up CBD," with Game Up being a nutrition company. He said he has to save a THC filled joint for after the fight. 

Diaz is an outspoken advocate of cannabis, and CBD is legal in- and out-of-competition in the UFC’s anti-doping policy. 

In an interview with Sports Illustrated heading into UFC 241, White said, "Nate Diaz is always unpredictable." Sure White was talking about his fights, but that sentence definitely applies to his antics as well.