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Caption This: Reader Responses

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Just don't drool on my head while I sign your shirt. -- Doug, Columbus, Oh.

So, would now be a bad time to tell her about the disappearing ink pen? -- Jeff, Tallahassee, Fl.

Baby Spice had to buy a ticket to get this close to his royal highness. -- Melissa, Homestead, Fl.

This is almost better than the contract I signed. -- Muench, San Antonio, Tx.

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Stretch your shirt all you want lady. They'll never pop up as much as Posh's. -- Greg, Folsom, Ca.

I love American women, they are so easy to please. -- James, Rochester, Ny.

Why can't you make this easier like the young lady with the maroon shirt? -- Bradley, Huntsville, Al.

Stain? Here, let me use my Tide pen. -- Tom, Janesville, Wi.

Well he has to do something during the game. -- Scott, Cleveland, Oh.

Look out, lady, Posh is just to your right and about to pull a Faith Hill. -- Martin, Clayton, Nc.