Q&A: Omarion and Marques

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Watching The Prince and Me and wishing some movie star went to your school? Howard University students got a treat when one star, Omarion Grandberry, showed up at their homecoming for a quick appearance with Bow Wow (O got to flip the coin for first possession in the homecoming game). The result? Pure pandemonium.

Here at SIOC, we started thinking about what would happen if celebrities really did go to school. We caught up with Marques Houston and Omarion to talk about what they think life would be like had they attended college.

Marques Houston: UCLA, we would show everyone what I can do.

Omarion Grandberry: USC, Cali's my place.

OG: Star power -- "Seeing as Matt Leinart, Lyndale White, Gene Sayet came out of there, I gotta root for USC.[O.J] Mayo's a beast, he's the man in L.A.! He can come to L.A. and get whatever he wants.

OG: Our new movie. They don't have horror films that are classics anymore, when you think about horror films it's all about guts and gruel. This is one of those you can sit up with your girlfriend -- and don't get me wrong it's scary.

MH: Last night.

OG: Sweet work schedule. I'm leaving for Africa, it's like a 20 hour flight, I'm dreading it. But I'm really excited to perform there (he'll be in Angola). After that I'm going to Dubai ... I heard it was like Beverley Hills times 20. Then I'll be performing in Australia.

MH: You know, just working, making a company, touring, movies.

MH: Omarion

OG: My girlfriend or my boys.

MH: The Lakers. I'm a huge Kobe [Bryant] fan. Anywhere Kobe goes, I'll follow him.

MH: Basketball. I was a basketball star when I was a little kid -- I played from when I was 4-9, and then I had to move on. But Phil Jackson always is calling me and asking me when I'm going to come to tryouts ... and I just have to say, Phil, I can't this year. Maybe I'll go next year.

OG: Rugby. It could be interesting. It's full contact.