Hot Clicks: Ten Hottest Ring Girls in MMA

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The 10 Hottest Ring Girls in MMA has the list and pictures. (Thanks to Ben, of New York City, for sending the link.)

IFC Ring Girls :: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI


We received several e-mails yesterday from angry Cubs fans, who were not pleased with our link to a site that had a video that was described as a Cubs fan diving into a Wrigley Field trough. For instance, Chris of Middletown, Conn., said, "I know that fact checking isn't your strong suit here at Hot Clicks (and I like it that way), but not knowing that this isn't Wrigley means that you have never been to Wrigley, which in and of itself renders you a little less credible as a sports journalist." Now, just to clarify, we've been to Wrigley many times. And we know we have zero credibility as sports journalists. Scott Bleicher of Richmond, Va., however, was a much nicer, writing, "Love my Hot Clicks, but the link you have of the guy diving down the men's bathroom trough today (4/16) isn't at Wrigley. It is at the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville...a drunken mini-version of the derby filled with inebriated debauchery from scantily dressed co-eds. I happen to be a Cub fan so I checked out the video. And no that wasn't me diving down the trough. Keep up the good work and you can never get enough Erin Andrews." Since Scott took the nice approach, here's the most recent article on Andrews and a video tribute to everyone's favorite reporter.

David Beckham Likes Cheerleaders

More specifically, he likes to check out their money makers.

New Meaning To "Down In Front"

If you attend a Washington Capitals playoff game, one of the last people you'd want seated in front of you would have to be 7-foot-7 Gheorghe Muresan. But as Busted Coverage tells -- and shows us -- that's what happened to some folks over the weekend.

Marriage For Manning

Eli Manning, Abby McGrew :: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Eli Manning's busy year continues. The New York Daily Newsreports the Super Bowl champion is getting hitched to long-time girlfriend, Abby McGrew this weekend. (With Leather, of course, has a better pic of Abby than the one we provided.)

Memorable Monikers

The World of Isaac needs your help for something very important. It's trying to figure out the dirtiest name in sports history.

The Ultimate Road Trip

Chicago Sports World explains exactly how you can see every NFL team and every stadium in the 2008 season. If you're crazy enough to do this, and have the time and money, (we have friends who are definitely crazy enough to do this and have the time, but money is another issue) be sure to let us know. We'd love daily updates here in Hot Clicks. (Thanks to Mike Marici, ofHouston, for sending us the link.)

These Will Get A Work Out

Here's the latest must-have item for athletes from every sport.

Today in Campus Clicks

Lucy Liu :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Coaches daughter films Zac Efron tribute ... What It Takes to Get Into USC ... Greatest Field Trip in College History ... Michael Beasley -- Best Freshman Ever ... Video: Hitler Freestyles.

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Sports Video Of The Day

This is how you dive into home plate. (Thanks to Hoffmankidd, of Burlington, Vt., for sending us the link.)

Incredible Play At Home - Watch more free videos

Bizarre/Cool Video Of The Day

In this clip, the Super Mario Brothers theme song is performed -- with beer bottles and a remote control car. (Thanks to Jed, of Tusla, for sending us the link.)

Colbert Video Of The Day

Check out the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders introducing last night's edition of The Colbert Report.

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