Hot Clicks: Sexy Kardashian calendar ticks off Bush

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'Bush And The Tush' Update

Kim Kardashian :: Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

For those of you (which we assume is all of you) who missed last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashian's, we'll break it down for you. Kim decided to make a calendar for Reggie Bush. Kim's mom then decided to sell the calendar. Reggie got pissed that these risque calendars were on the market. Kim had to buy back all the calendars. Two things about all this: 1) We can't even begin to imagine how much Reggie must get harassed in the Saints locker room. 2) Luckily for us, has some of the pics from the calendar.

Pathetic Pitches

The Angry T has scoured YouTube to find the Top 25 Hilarious Bad Athlete Commercials.

Cup Stacking Sweeps The Nation

We're not sure if this is a trend or just an eerie coincidence, but we keep seeing videos that feature cup stacking -- yes, cup stacking. First, we have this video -- sent to us by Dylan Moody, of Cincinnati -- of what happens to all the cups when a hockey team holds $1 beer night. Next up is this video of Brewers fans stacking cups on the head of a fan who is either sleeping or passed out. Lastly, we have this 10-year-old cup-stacking champion.

He Needs Singing Lessons From His Girlfriend

Tony Romo :: AP

Tony Romo sang Take Me Out To the Ballgame at yesterday's Cubs game. How'd the QB do? See for yourself here.

Cheer Up

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are iconic figures in American pop culture. But that hasn't stopped them from still doing good things. The ladies recently came through for a dying man whose wish was to meet the pompom waving group. The patient seemed to have one focus for his final wishes, because he also got to meet the Dallas Mavericks dancers.

Keeping It Real

Sergio Garcia won a golf tournament this past weekend and gave the appropriate thanks afterward.

Another Golfer Keeps It Real

We don't understand why this doesn't happen more often.

Live TV=Antics

We don't know what's better in this clip: David Ortiz mocking Terry Francona or Jon Miller completely botching his question to the Red Sox skipper.

Today In Campus Clicks

Jamie Lynn Sigler :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Oregon calls on Kevin Costner for fundraiser ... Pete Carroll's son gets nasty ... University of Washington needs your help with new school song ... NCAA Football jinx? ... Video: The Pain of the Steeple Chase.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Who are the bigger geeks: Star Wars fans or sports fans? (Thanks to Scott for sending us the link.)

Bill O'Reilly Video Of The Day

We heard this on Howard Stern's show this morning. Check out this old clip of the Fox News host going OFF on a producer. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Bill O'Reilly Goes Crazy - Watch more free videos

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