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Fall Is In The Air

Blake Lively :: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Football has been under way for several weeks now, so the next best part of fall is finally here -- the new TV season. The best show on TV, which just happens to be a sports show, Friday Night Lights begins Wednesday on DIRECTV only. It won't air on NBC until February, which has some people upset. Meanwhile, NFHell.com has managed to combine the NFL and the new TV season by comparing each Week 4 game to a fall TV show. And the World of Isaac tests your TV knowledge with this fun game. Oh, and the Blake Lively picture? That's only there because she's one of our favorite fall TV women, and she cracks this list, sent in by Nick, of L.A., that features the 15 hottest women on television.

Best Catch Ever Talk

On Thursday, we linked to video of an unbelievable catch by Morgan State's Edwin Baptiste. We said it could've been the best catch ever, which resulted in you guys sending in several other worthy candidates. Justin Porterfield, of Charlotte, N.C., Kevin, of South Carolina, and Greg, of Athens, Ga., e-mailed us this clip of A.J. Green. Dustin, of Atlanta, nominates Calvin Johnson's "Spiderman" catch. Harold Love, of Sheffield, Ala., and Curtis, of Leeds, Ala., say Tyrone Prothro's grab in 2005 is tops. Ryan Wilkinson, of Charlotte, N.C., goes old school with Western Washington's Chris Moore.

Cubs Biggest Opponent: SI

With the Cubbies on the cover of this week's issue of Sports Illustrated, Home Run Derby decided to research how the North Siders have handled the SI Cover Jinx in the past. The result were far from good. Speaking of SI, Joe Sports Fan is wondering what's up with a certain photo recently featured on SI.com.

One More Time, For The Ladies

Sean Avery, James Blake:: Getty Images

So after receiving several e-mails from female readers who wanted to see Hot Clicks feature hot male athletes just once, we attempted to do so last Friday. However, we also tried to keep the guys happy by using photos of those men with attractive women. The plan backfired and we got even more complaints. We also received a bunch of e-mails that pointed out certain athletes who were omitted from the gallery. So, here is attempt No. 2 to please the women readers of Hot Clicks. We took the men from the last gallery, added in several suggestions that were sent to us, and used photos of the guys only. Hopefully this will put us back in the good graces of the women out there.

Caging The Animals Doesn't Always Work

Puck Daddy searched through YouTube and came up with one of the better video lists we've seen lately: The Top 10 Moments of Penalty Box Mayhem.

Random Links

The Mets are taking a page from Wall Street's book and calling for a pennant race postponement. ... Believe it or not, there are 12 Coaches Who Still Might Work For Al Davis. ... Week 4 Knockout/Survivor Pool tips.

Weekend Staples

If you're out this weekend, chances are you'll hear some of these songs covered by Boosh Magazine in a piece titled, "Song Guaranteed to Ignite a Bar in Sing-A-Long Madness."

Hot Clicks On Facebook

If you haven't joined the Hot Clicks Facebook Group, do so now.

Campus Clicks

Natalie Portman's a Harvard girl, while Jake Gyllenhaal's a Columbia man. :: Getty Images

Ranking the Ivies (based on hot celeb alums) ... Summit fought a raccoon, and the raccoon won ... Just try to eat John Moffitt's breakfast ... For now on, this will be College Curse Week.

Sports Video Of The Day

Chris, of Loveville, Md., writes, "Since it is rivalry week for 'Skins fans, here is a GREAT video from the '80s of some Redskins greats thanking their fans! Hail to the Redskins! Dallas will fall!" We're suckers for bad '80s videos, especially ones that feature sports teams, so we had to link to this. Whether you care about the Redskins or not, we urge you to check out the fine dancing that takes place at the 1:20 mark.

Chris Cooley Video Of The Day

When Chris Cooley's brother Tanner gets on his blog, dresses up as a character he calls "Vladimir" and does a dead-on Borat impression while trash talking against the Cowboys, we can't avoid giving you another Redskins video.

Classic Video Of The Day

Since we started Hot Clicks by talking TV, how about some Seinfeld bloopers.

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