The CFB Pop Culture Playoff: Campus Clicks

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So You Think You Can Win?

What if Mack Brown had to lead Texas through reality TV tasks to win the national title? :: Getty Images

For years, college football fans have clamored for an eight-team playoff or a plus-one mini-playoff. They want something, anything, to assure the most deserving team takes home the crystal ball. And for years, the powers that be have swatted away those cries and pleas like pesky, tiny gnats. Now, however, a USC student has come up with an idea so good, even the most stringent BCS supporters will cave: The Pop Culture Playoff. Instead of going to BCS bowl games, the top eight teams will compete on American Gladiators, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, So You Think You Can Dance? or one of another rotating set of reality TV shows. This could just work, folks.

A Pre-Basketball Bracket

If you're itching to fill out a bracket before college hoops season even starts and if you enjoy looking at attractive female athletes, we've got just the thing for you. The Two Minute Drill's Best Looking Female Athlete contest has arrived, so head on over and vote for your favorite college co-ed. We at SIOC love Cal pole-vaulter Allison Stokke, so here's hoping she emerges from the West.

Grab a Taco, It's Your Birthday

It's Thursday, and you undoubtedly woke up 10 minutes early to ensure you had time to read John Moffitt's latest blog entry. This week, Wisconsin's burly sophomore center celebrated his 22nd birthday, which led him to reflect on all the positives that have come from being two years older than the rest of his classmates. What guy wouldn't have wanted to shave in fourth grade and drive in eighth? Moffitt's not saving all the gems for his own blog, though. Just the other day, he confessed to reporters his love for Taco Bell's volcano taco makes it difficult for him to make weight, but that he's got a trick for hiding the extra pounds: "Wear dark colors."

Playing the Odds

After taking down then conference leader Georgia Tech, UVA's back in first. :: AP

Dr. Saturday says UVA's sole-possession of first place in the ACC's Coastal Division is the "equivalent of the roulette ball skipping off the table, rolling off the edge of the balcony and onto a pool table below at the perfect instant to be shot across the room into a woman's drink, which splashes all over her, causing her to storm upstairs to confront the rogues at the roulette table, one of whom notes that the woman's dress is red, and he called red, whereby they go moon-eyed over the symbolism, fall madly in love and live happily ever after on the inheritance from her billionaire father." SIOC Quick Slants' scribe Ty Hildenbrandt agrees, and says he'll offer his resignation if the Cavs make the BCS.

Vince Won That One

Intern Parrish would like to kindly remind you that just because Mack Brown has the best job in the country and best team in the country doesn't mean he's the best coach in the country.

Welcome Back, Nick

LSU fans are getting really excited about Nick Saban's return this weekend -- So excited, in fact, they've incorporated his burning effigy into a billboard advertising condominiums.

We Know Who Has Their Vote

University of Florida students built a fully-operable Barack Obama robot and then sent it rolling around campus. Bet now you wish you'd at least stuck an Obama or McCain button on your messenger bag to show your support.

Can We Get a Translator?

Some women read SI, but most women read Cosmo. Armed with that truth, CO-ED put together a little translator so all you men know what relationship advice your girlfriends are getting, what it really means and whether you should be happy about it ("Buy your guy a drink") or very, very sad ("Go on group dates!").

Pop Culture Nugget

From now on, Joaquin Phoenix will be too busy making music to make films about music.

Today In Hot Clicks

Emmanuelle Chriqui :: Getty Images

Emmanuelle Chriqui leads the Halloween links ... Must-see Gus Johnson video ... Phillies links ... Popovich gets even with Shaq ... Video: Soccer mishap ... Awful ad ... Minka.

Odds and Ends

The Texas Longhorns are veggie-loving folk ... Breaking down this weekend's Texas-Texas Tech game ... Tommy Tuberville has the board of trustees on his side ... JoePa, loving life in the booth, says he won't retire.

A Musical Stomping

The Florida Gators have said they don't want revenge for last year's Gator Stomp incident, but after they see this video of Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer as the leads from High School Musical 3, all bets are off.

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Rah, Rah, Rah

At least one Gator fan will keep rah, rah, rah-ing through the parody videos.

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