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Weekend Highlights

Victoria's Secret Model :: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

There were three things we thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend. First and foremost was the anarchy at the end of yesterday's Chargers-Steelers game. Luckily, we weren't affected by what transpired at the end of the game, but our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who bet Pittsburgh. The second highlight was Justin Timberlake's surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, there was no D--- In A Box-like performance (warning: That's the uncensored version linked up), but this sketch with Beyonce and this Weekend Update segment were very solid. Lastly, they filmed the Victoria's Secret fashion show Saturday night (the show airs Dec. 3 on CBS), and luckily, we found a photo gallery. By the way, if anyone knows who the model above is, please let us know.

Seattle's Sorry State

About a month ago, we posted an e-mail from a reader in Kansas City who wanted acknowledgement for his city's sports woes. We got a few e-mails after that from people in Seattle saying K.C. is no match for the Emerald City. The Big Picture has detailed Seattle's plight and the folks from the Pacific Northwest are right -- it's not even close.

Two Tats

Gilbert Arenas made some news last week by paying tribute to Barack Obama by getting "Change We Believe In" tattooed on his fingers. But that was nothing compared to Rasheed Wallace's latest piece of artwork. Speaking of Obama, he's serious about this college football playoff.

Bond Bonanza

Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Craig :: AP

If you were one of the people who helped the new James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, take in $70.4 million this past weekend, you'll enjoy this piece that compares sports figures to Bond villains.

Friend Him At Your Own Risk

This Is God Given has found Hank Steinbrenner's Facebook page.

Random Links

Not to brag, but In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest is down to the Final Four, and we picked all four correctly ... UFC champ Brock Lesnaris married to former WWE DivaSable? We had no idea. ... Cool "wired up" video from Chris Cooley's blog.

Most Beautiful Bottom Contest?

Yes, there is such a thing. But you'll have to check out our Hot Clicks Facebook page for all the info, photos and videos.

Campus Clicks

College football's full of fashionistas and secret society members. :: Oregon Athletics, AP

Oregon's outdone itself with its latest uniforms ... 10 terrible bowls for 20 terrible teams ... Did UCLA send Tommy Trojan to his blue period? ... Sideshow Bob's look-alike ... More CBB hair news.

Sports Video Of The Day

The headline on says it all: "Donovan McNabb Doesn't Know An NFL Game Can End In A Tie? WTF." (Thanks to Michael Angel, of St. Louis, Mo., for the link.)

Choir Video Of The Day

Dave, of Fairfax, Va., says "I have no words to describe this video. It gets a little slow in the middle, but make sure to stick around to the 4:10 mark." We don't know why Dave is so shocked that a choir of older folks would take on some of hip hop's biggest hits.

See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today's Big Thing.

Guitar Prodigy Video Of The Day

We keep getting e-mails from people saying we have to feature this kid. Today's the day.

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