So You Think You're Better Than Crabtree?: Campus Clicks

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This'll Make Him Crabby

Will Julio Jones and Arrelious Benn make better pro receivers than Michael Crabtree? :: Icon SMI : AP

It takes some serious cojones to say there are at least 10 wide receivers who could be as good or better than Michael Crabtree in the NFL, so clearly, The Big Lead's got quite a pair. Then again, it's hard to argue Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Jeremy Maclin, Arrelious Benn or the others on this list have anything less than five-star potential. Maybe we should ask Chris Fowler what he thinks.

Cold, Hard Truth

As free citizens, isn't it our right to freeze if we so choose? Penn State officials don't think so, and have promised to prevent the Nittany Lion faithful from forming the makeshift outdoor camping area lovingly dubbed Paternoville if temperatures drop below 32 degrees before this weekend's game. This reminds us of the time our friend, who was studying abroad in London, joined the throngs of screeching women trying to get Daniel Radcliffe's autograph after a spring '07 production of Equus. When the guards informed the rowdy mass Radcliffe wouldn't come out because the assembled were a threat to their own safety, our friend shouted, "what if we don't care about our own safety?!?" A compelling point, then and now.

Mo' Money, Less Problems

Here's a new way of looking at things: If the NCAA expanded the March Madness field, teams would actually play tougher non-conference schedules. The folks at Kornheiser's Cartel aren't naïve, though. They'd also like to remind the NCAA more teams would mean more money.

Jessica Can be an S.O.B

Perhaps Jessica Simpson's capable of giving us a college football playoff. :: AP

Those of you staying on top of the latest political happenings will know the Obama administration's about to release the Plum Book, which will list the administration's available jobs. Blogger Sako's hoping the book includes a listing for the first S.O.B (Secretary of the BCS). Sako's pretty sure the president elect, who's been outspoken about his desire for a college football playoff, will create the office, so he's gone ahead and endorsed Jessica Simpson to fill the post. His logic: If she understands the new system, we all will.

Not a Happy Camper

There were lots of smiling faces in the Dean Dome last night, but Kentucky alum Ashley Judd did her best to counteract all those grinning, cheering Tar Heel fans by scowling and frowning in as many ways as humanly possible.

We'll Cry if we Want to

Head coach Rich Rodriguez might have told Michigan fans to "get a life," but after hearing Rich-Rod justify his displeasure with Wolverine nation by saying, "There's a whole lot bigger problems. Look at the economy," one Wolverine fan has a message for Rich-Rod: Get a clue. Maybe Stiles Points should team up with the eBay user auctioning off his Michigan allegiance.

Take Pride in your Parking Spot

Just because you don't enjoy brats and brawls at 10 a.m. doesn't mean you can't get in on the tailgating action in other ways. For proof, look at the University of Idaho archeology students studying tailgater behavior and observing tailgater artifacts in an attempt to prove tailgaters who camp in the same spot every week are more likely to keep the place clean.

Master of Deception

Here's a good tip for sorority girls and college students everywhere: If an overweight man claims to be a third degree black belt and then instructs you to grab his groin as you try to extract yourself from his death-grip, he's probably a con artist.

Pop Culture Nugget

One of the best parts about growing up is that your childhood crushes grow up with you.

Today In Hot Clicks

Feres twins, Bella twins :: Courtesy of VIP Magazine,

Forget the Feres twins, check out the Bellas! ... The best high school pep rally, ever ... Ain't no party like a Big Papi birthday party ... The 20 hottest Victoria Secret models of all time.

Odds and Ends

LSU students have developed bad bathroom habits ... Florida State students seem to be going to jail in alarming numbers ... Your high school pep rallies were not this cool ... If you'd like to see the "MySpace No Means Maybe Bowl," you're not alone.

Bond Girl Auditions, Take 77

Maxim thinks Olga Kurylenko's the hottest Bond girl ever, but some pretty compelling stars had a shot at the role, too.

He's Not 19 Anymore

Attention Ohio State fans, if you want coach Jim Tressel to jump into Mirror Lake with you this week, you better get a gun (his suggestion, not ours).

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