Big Baby, Beamer, nude Viking highlight weekend: Hot Clicks

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The Weekend That Was

Gisele Bundchen :: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

There were plenty of highlights from this past weekend, but first we start with a plug. Voting begins tomorrow for the 2008 Clicksy Awards. Not only will you be expected to vote, but we want you to get other people to vote. One person nominated for an award is Gisele Bundchen, so we're giving you these pictures as a way of bribing you to vote. As for the weekend, we saw Kevin Garnett make Glen "Big Baby" Daviscry after yelling at him. We saw a Virginia Tech player punch coach Frank Beamer (by accident), we saw way too much of a Minnesota Vikings player. And we saw a new Saturday Night Live digital short that's taking the Internet by storm, but we can't link to it because of the title, so just go to either Google or YouTube and type in "Andy Samberg In My Pants."

Thank You, Glen Davis

As mentioned above, "Big Baby" was brought to tears after being scolded by Kevin Garnett during Friday's game against Portland. So right on cue is the Angry T, who has compiled all the must-see videos and photos of athletes in tears.

Three Must-See Items

The Deuce of Davenport has found a soccer goal celebration for the ages. ... Tirico Suave reports that Conquistador No. 2 was spotted at the Arizona-ASU game ... And on a totally different note, have you always wanted to have a hockey rink in your backyard? Or just wanted to see what a rink in someone's backyard would look like? Then check this out.

Boris Bonaduce

Boris Becker, Danny Bonaduce :: Getty Images

Mark, of Bainbridge Island, Wash., e-mailed to say "Am I the only one who thinks Boris Becker now looks a lot like Danny Bonaduce?" Good call, Mark.

Top Trademarks

From Jordan's tongue to Nomar's OCD, Pyle of List looks at the top 10 athlete signature moves.

Giant Problems

First Plaxico Burress shot himself, and now Eli Manninghas a gun accident.

Today's Bizarre Products

We're not sure if these items are for people who love or hate the Clinton's, but the Bill corkscrew and Hillary nutcracker could make great stocking-stuffers. (Thanks to Tony Bucci, of Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, for the link.). And Shawn, of Calgary, alerts us to something completely disturbing: underwear that shocks bedwetters.

New Links On Facebook

We have the 12 hottest "sloppy second" WAGS and something for Salma Hayek fans on our Hot Clicks Facebook Group page.

Campus Clicks

Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer have gotten used to winning. :: AP

Florida wins (again), Saban shows some loyalty ... UM fan/R.R. hater swears off college football ... Summer Santa likes North Florida's dance team ... Video: Frank Beamer gets popped in the head.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via The Sporting Blog, comes a video that touches our hearts. Check out this 11-year-old giving a powerful and emotional performance of Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name at last week's Rutgers game.

Relationship Video Of The Day

Joshua Silberman, of Washington, sends along this instructional video that some of you guys might want to share with that someone special in your life.

Awful Commercial Of The Day

Ryan, of Portland, sends us a classic dumb, yet funny, commercial.

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