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A Pick Me Up

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester :: Courtesy of Rolling Stone

By late this afternoon, many of us will take our brackets, rip them up, and throw them in the garbage. It happens every year. So you will need something to cheer you up. I suggest this compilation of classicOne Shining Moment videos and this photo shoot from Rolling Stone with the girls from Gossip Girl.

Last-Minute Info has compiled a looooong list of links for a wide variety of NCAA tournament topics (bracket tips, women of March Madness, tips for getting out of the office, etc.). Since they've done the work for me, I'm going to do a little test today. The rest of today's Hot Clicks will be non-Tournament, non-sports related. Look at this as your place to go when you need a quick break from watching the games and checking the scores today.

Need A Suggestion For Lunch? says "Giving up on life has its benefits, namely wearing sweatpants all day and being able to eat any burger you want. Taking down any one of these five burgers is essentially waving the white flag on your existence."

Hell On Earth

Jiffy Lube, Birthday Part

In a piece that every single one of us can relate to, Holy Taco says "Dante's Inferno took us through the nine levels of hell when you die. But we think there are plenty of hellish places you can find yourself in when you're alive. Here are the nine levels of hell you've probably encountered at some time in your life." (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Top 5 Annoying Couple-isms.

If you are in a relationship and do any of these things -- STOP NOW! I have a friend who does No. 2 and it's pathetic.

And Then We Have This wants you to know The 10 Guys You're Allowed To Have A Man Crush On.

Marketing Memories recalls Nine Corporate Attempts At "Edgy" That Failed (Hilariously). (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

Bobby Knaupp, of Midlothian, Va., says "Could someone please remind Mr. Waddell that a lay-up counts the same as a dunk ... minus the skull fracture and never-ending humiliation." (Thanks to Billy Addleman, of Cheyenne, Wyo., who also sent this link.)

Victoria's Secret Video Of The Day has compiled The 10 sexiest Victoria's Secret commercials ever. Here is No. 9.

Prankers Video Of The Day

The two dudes from who pull all the great pranks on each other appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show two nights ago.

Ali G Video Of The Day

This has been posted in Hot Clicks before, but several of you wrote in yesterday and asked that I feature it one more time. I have to admit, I've watched it three or four times and I laugh each and every time.

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