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The Wonderful World Of WAGs

For some reason, other media outlets are just discovering that sports fans love them some WAGs. On Sunday, the New York Post featured this article, titled "Secrets of the Yank Wives Club." (Incidentally, Johnny Damon's wife, Michelle, was in SI's Swimsuit Issue two years ago.) Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Washington Postgives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be the wife of a Washington Nationals player. (Thanks to Seth Gordon, of Germantown, Md., for the link.)

Michelle Damon :: Marlena Bielinska/SI

As For The No. 1 WAG ...

Clay, of Seattle, checked in with this e-mail last Friday morning: "Hey, sorry for being out of the loop, but have Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly confirmed their relationship yet? I only ask because a buddy of mine was on a flight from L.A. to Seattle and Minka was on the flight. When he asked her why she was headed to Seattle, she replied, 'To see my boyfriend.' And it just so happens the Yanks are in town right now. Coincidence? I think not. Keep up the great work, the page is awesome!" Conor from Katonah, N.Y., followed that up with this e-mail last Friday: "Just wanted to say that Minka Kelly is at the Yankee game tonight. So much for her and Jeter not dating." Conor even attached a screengrab of Minka sitting in the stands, but we don't need that because The Big Lead has this. Now, let me be clear about something, since lots of blame was thrown around during the Erin Andrews controversy last month. Just because I love Minka and think she's beautiful and want to marry her, the two e-mails above are about as far as anyone should go in their fandom. Things should NOT be taken to another level, a la Erin Andrews, which leads to ...

Speaking Of Erin Andrews

The ESPN sideline reporter was interviewed by GQ and did a photoshoot for the magazine before the peephole incident. GQhas just released its feature on Andrews.

Everyone Loves An Underdog

Hoosiers reveals the 23 greatest sports movie underdogs. I have to call them out, though, for the snubbing of West Canaan High School.

One-Hit Wonders

With Y.E. Yang becoming the third golfer to win his first major tournament this season, Simon on Sports has put together this quiz on one-time major winners.

All Vick, All The Time

You have to see this quote to believe it. ... Check out the Vick prop bets being offered. ... After he signed with the Eagles, there wasn't much creativity when it came to Vick headlines.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Nope, he wouldn't leave.

Another Sports Video Of The Day

As I've said before, the story about Brett Favre is not that he waffles and is flaky (although that's a serious problem). It's that he's just not that good anymore.

Football Rules Video Of The Day

There are certain rules you must follow if you're a football fan. These are some of them.

Awkward Video Of The Day

Interviewer asks Jamie-Lynn Sigler if she'd date a fat guy. She's dating ... just watch for yourself.

Awkward Jamie-Lynn Sigler Interview - Watch more Funny Videos

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