October 19, 2009

Fill in answers as in a crossword -- except the answers are numbers. For rows or columns with multiple clues, enter answers consecutively. The sum will equal the red total at the end of each row/column.


A• Most consecutive MLB games with a hit (Joe DiMaggio)• Number of regular-season NHL games

B• Yard line the ball is spotted on after an NFL TD• Games played in the 2008 NBA Finals• Number of current NBA teams

C• Innings in a regulation MLB game• Maximum score on three darts

D• Most career MLB strikeouts (Nolan Ryan)


E• Most consecutive PGA rounds at par or better (Tiger Woods)• Yellow-striped ball in pool• Super Bowl wins by the Cowboys

F• Ray Nitschke's retired Packers number• Most consecutive NHL wins (1992--93 Penguins)

G• Points for an NHL team with a record of W=36 L=35 OTL=11• Terrell Owens's uniform number

H• Year of Barry Bonds's last MVP award

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