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Hot Clicks: Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly wedding details


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For the past 24 hours, I've been inundated with e-mails and Tweets asking if I'm OK now that information about the Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly wedding has leaked. Some of you have even asked if I'm more upset that Jeter, as opposed to Kelly, is off the market. Very nice. Others have asked if I'm on the guest list. (I wish.) Anyway, the truth of the matter is that I actually knew the details that were in yesterday'sNew York Post several weeks ago. I can tell you that the Post's report is accurate. The ironic thing is that I was told the couple and the catering hall were haggling over certain security/privacy issues for a while before all the plans were finalized. It looks like Jeter and Kelly were right to be concerned. As for me, I'm holding up well. At least I have this.

You Guys Are Funny

Minka Kelly :: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

The worst part of Bill Belichick's Sunday wasn't getting crushed by Baltimore. It was his hat. ... Here isRay Rice's 83-yard touchdown on the first play of yesterday's game. If anybody can send me Kevin Harlan's off-the-charts radio call of the play, I will be eternally grateful. ... It's easy to pick on Neil Rackers, but getting this Tweet immediately after he missed that field goal yesterday was awesome. ... The only good part of Donovan McNabb's night on Saturday was when he played air guitar and taunted Dallas fans before the game.

Wild-Card Weekend Wrap-Up

With American Idol kicking off a new season tomorrow night, I couldn't help but think of one of Simon Cowell's standard lines that he uses when criticizing a contestant: "That was like bad karaoke." I'd love to know what Simon would say if he saw this video of Calgary Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf singing Piano Man. On a side note, does anyone know if Phaneuf is still dating Elisha Cuthbert? (Thanks to Michael D'Amore, of Windsor, Ontario, for the tip.)

Piano Man

It was quite the weekend for NBC. It finally pulled the plug on the Jay Leno primetime experiment, while managing to piss off Conan O'Brien. The network also tortured the country by putting Joe Theismann and Joe Gibbs in the booth for the Jets-Bengals game. And to cap things off, they aired a painfully unfunny version of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Charles Barkley. The confusing thing is a promo that ran during afternoon showed Barkley dressed asAlicia Keys (the musical guest), but that skit never made it onto the show.

No, This Isn't The Lovely Lady Of The Day

Charles Barkley

SI Recommends

While we're stuck being tortured by Joe Thiesmann, here's an example of the fun they have in Italy with their soccer broadcasts. And "fun" is a HUGE understatement based on that link.

Speaking Of Announcers...

The Snuggie is a bathrobe worn backwards. This new product is basically a bathrobe with legs. (Thanks to Shawn Ashley, of Norman, Okla., and Jason, of Boston, for the link.)

Snuggie Spinoff

I thank the approximately 12 billion of you who e-mailed me this truly great video of LaDainian Tomlinson doing the electric glide.

Sports Video Of The Day

I'm so confused. When I get an e-mail that says "man jumps through electric fence," I expect that "man" to be between 15 and 25. In this video, the guy looks like he's in his 40s. Also, the guy is a Ravens fan and said he'd jump through the fence if Baltimore beat New England. Isn't it supposed to work the other way around? (Thanks to Doug, of Washington, for the link.)

Crazy Fan Video Of The Day