July 05, 2010

Jayson Werth stories from the SI Vault

• T.I.P.S. says Jayson is Werth itBy Brad Rysz, May 13, 2009For those who play in head-to-head leagues, the action is intense and your daily decisions are of the upmost importance. Most of my fantasy baseball experience is in head-to-head leagues, and I often get asked what strategy I utilize the most. While I typically prefer hitting to pitching, my best advice has less to do with your players, and more to do with your daily submissions.

Phillies focused on ultimate goalBy Ted Keith, October 22, 2009When it ended, there were no massive dog piles, no exuberant displays of over-the-top-excitement and no outward sign that their second consecutive National League pennant signified anything more than what they had said it would be all week long: just another step on their journey to what they, and a growing number of others, are envisioning as a second straight World Series championship.

Phils' Werth has emerged as a star after injury nearly ruined his careerBy Joe Lemire, October 27, 2009Most days from May to August in 2006 Jayson Werth pushed his boat off shore, aimlessly floated and dropped a hook into Lake Springfield, bottom fishing for carp and the occasional bass. "There's not a whole lot to catch in that lake," admits Werth, now the Phillies' starting right fielder. "I was just killing time, really."

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