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NFL Fullbacks (Related Stories)


NFL fullback stories in the SI Vault

How I Play FullbackBy Jim Brown, September 26, 1960Jim Brown, the Cleveland Browns' explosive line-plunging fullback, gained fame as a college halfback while at Syracuse. In the next four pages he reveals how that early training led to his present success.

The Last Call For Number 39By Tom Archdeacon, July 30, 1979Larry Csonka has not heard too many cheers since he left Miami in 1975, but now he is back with the Dolphins, hoping to relive the Super Bowl days in his final season.

The Bronk And The GazelleBy Dr. Z, September 11, 1989Fifty years ago, Bronko Nagurski and Don Hutson dominated pro football. But how would they do today?

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Where Have You Gone, Jim Brown?By Dr. Z, September 16, 1996Today's new-breed fullback is a blocker first.

Best Foot ForwardBy Peter King, April 7, 1997By re-signing solid citizen Daryl Johnston, the Cowboys took a step toward restoring class to their organization.

Crash CourseBy Peter King, October 30, 2000Fullbacks are the game's forgotten men, but offenses would be a wreck if not for the guys who play with reckless abandon.

Top Ten Fullbacks of All TimeBy Dr. Z, October 30, 2000How much value do I attach to the durability of old-time fullbacks in rating my alltime top 10? A lot. Jim Brown is my top runner, but he's not on this list because, although the program listed him as a fullback, he had few of the responsibilities of the position.

Time And PunishmentBy Phil Taylor, November 4, 2002No position is more physically taxing than running back, where the best are often finished not long after they get started.