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Gale Sayers (Related Stories)

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Gale Sayers stories in the SI Vault

The Bears Unpack 'emBy Edwin Shrake, November 8, 1965The running of a swift, sensational rookie, Gale Sayers, and a belligerent defense lifted Chicago to the upset of the year over unbeaten Green Bay, the other party in pro football's rowdiest bonebreaker of a feud.

Gale Sayers, HalfbackBy John O'Keefe, September 12, 1966Gale Sayers was more Houdini than halfback. Whenever it appeared he was trapped by a cluster of defenders, Sayers invariably wriggled out of their reach and escaped, leaving a trail of disbelieving players and fans.

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Many Substitutes For VictoryBy Tex Maule, November 25, 1968As the toll of injured stars mounts -- Unitas, Sayers, Reeves, Lundy -- it appears that in some divisions of the NFL and AFL the winner will not necessarily be the best team but the one with the strongest reserves.