September 13, 2010

Ohio State football stories in the SI Vault

The Ohio State Story: Win Or ElseBy Robert Shaplen, October 24, 1955Unlike the Ivy schools, the Buckeyes function as a public utility for the entertainment of 8 million fans. All they ask of coach and players is a victory every Saturday.

Buckeye Block PartyBy Douglas S. Looney, November 26, 1979A blocked punt earned Ohio State a win over Michigan, and its first trip to Pasadena in four years.

The Buckeyes Have ItBy Austin Murphy, November 27, 2006In a classic showdown played just hours after the death of a Wolverines legend, No. 1 Ohio State edged No. 2 Michigan to earn a spot in the national title game -- where the two teams could meet again.

UnrivaledBy Austin Murphy, August 19, 2008History and hatred, great games and high stakes, Woody and Bo and the Bowl in the Snow are just some of the reasons that Ohio State-Michigan is the best rivalry in all of football.

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