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The Dan Patrick Show Year in Photos

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Show prep
Trying to tackle Bettis
Making new friends
Fritzie lives the dream
Faking fouls
Fifth Danette Brooklyn Decker makes swimsuit cover
Hanging out with Brooklyn
Cowboy up
Darius Rucker sings "Dan Patrick has a sports hernia"
Danettes discover golf
Danettes go curling
Built for speed
Dan Patrcik Show narc
Seton takes his work home
Paulie makes SI cover
Nancy O'Dell stops by
Dan challenges Fritzy
Miami Nice
Safety first
Tennis anyone?
Now you see the ball, now you don't
Gary Dell'Abate drops by
High Fives
Fritzie's lefty hook
Practicing batting stances
The Pterodactyl
Unexpected visitors
Wearing the same outfits
Learning to take a charge
Golf lessons
Golfing waterbottles
Golf celebrations
Bobby Bowden stops by
St. Patrick's Day
One of many spills
Dodgeball gets out of hand
Seton threatens to leave
More basketball theatrics
Celebrity bloggers
You show me the ball, you lose it
McLovin dresses, dances like Ellen
Karate Fridays
Danettes make Dan laugh
Danettes chill in back room
Happy Holidays
Signing off for 2010