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C.J. Wilson (Related Stories)

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C.J. Wilson stories in the SI Vault

Ranger Roomies By Lisa Altobelli, May 21, 2007Two pitchers share a condo, a dream -- and a snake.

Relief ReportBy Brooks Peck, August 03, 2007Rangers not quite settled on replacement for Gagne.Nolan Ryan's Crusade By Albert Chen, May 24, 2010Pitches counted? Pitchers coddled? Not in Texas, where a Hall of Famer is molding a staff in his own old school image.

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Q&A: C.J. WilsonBy Jimmy Traina, June 2, 2010The Rangers' lefty talks baseball, Lost, Twitter and swimsuit models.

The Arms Of TexasBy Albert Chen, October 25, 2010Yes, Cliff Lee is scary -- but two unlikely starters are also fueling the Rangers' postseason drive.