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Iditarod (Related Stories)

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Iditarod stories in the SI Vault

Pull North To Nome By Coles Phinizy, January 19, 1976In the land where man's best friend is his sled dog, the 1,150-mile race was led by a little lady named Nugget, worth her weight in gold.

Valiant Lady By Libby Riddles and Anita Verschoth, February 17, 1986Mere specks on Alaska's frigid Bering Sea coast, the 29-year-old author and her dog team mushed toward Nome, where she became the first woman to win the rugged 1,172-mile Iditarod race.

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Here's One Musher Who Is No Lazy SusanBy John Skow, February 15, 1988The best dog team anyone ever hitched to a sled was the one Susan Butcher stood behind in the 1985 Iditarod, the 1,100-mile race across Alaska from Anchorage to Nome.

Man's Best FriendsBy Robert F. Jones, March 27, 1989 When Joe Runyan and his dogs won the Iditarod, males wept with joy.

The Dogged Pursuit Of Excellence By Sonja Steptoe, February 11, 1991Susan Butcher is mushing towards record fifth win in the Iditarod race.

A Warm Ending To A Cold StoryBy Rick Reilly, March 29, 1999About the time they were laying a garland of yellow victory roses around the lead dogs of this year's Iditarod winner, the cement finisher was trying to snuggle up to a snowbank to sleep, 712 icy miles and almost a week behind.

A Dogged Race By Chris Ballard, March 08, 2004With sled teams mushing 1,112 miles, the Iditarod celebrates Alaska's history and makes the state even more distinctive.