Pacquiao-Mosley live blog

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Manny Pacquiao wins via unanimous decision, 119-108, 120-108, 120-107.

Post-fight: Shutout win for Manny Pacquiao. At this point, I don't want to see any other fight than Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather. Thanks for reading, Blog Fans.

Round 12: Mosley comes out aggressive, finally. Charges in, throwing hurried combinations. Not much damage inflicted. Hard left by Pacquiao. Mosley ties him up. Good combination to the body. Another to the head. Pacquiao cruising now. Mosley looking a little wobbly. There's the bell. Bad fight ends. 10-9 PACQUIAO's final card reads 119-107 for Pacquiao

Round 11: Pacquiao looks determined. Coming hard at Mosley! Mosley ties him up. That fake knockdown only fueled Manny more. More blinding combinations. Manny looking to close the show again. The "knock him out" chant echoes through the arena. Mosley again just trying to survive. And he does. What a blowout. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 10: At this point, I'm going to blog when something relevant happens. Something other than Pacquiao slinging combinations and Mosley running from them. Couple of real hard lefts from Pacquiao buzz Mosley. They just called a Pacquiao knockdown! Looked a lot like a slip. Pacquiao charging in, trying to make up for it. Hard combination! Manny wants the kill! Saved by the bell. Cheap shot by Mosley. Replays show a clear push. Not a knockdown. Bad call. 9-9 ROUND

Round 9: Pacquiao's trunks are one big ad. Head and Shoulders, Nike, Cafe Puro. Mosley digs him with a combination. Hard right hand by Pacquiao backs Mosley up. Mosley is just running, running, running. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 8: Fan in the lower bowl screams at Mosley to let his hands go. It's not that he's losing, it's the way he is losing. More boos. Mosley looks out of gas. Pacquiao winging shots now. Mosley taking no chances. Mosley connects with a glancing left hook. Then stops punching. Yawn. Thanks for showing up so far, Shane. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 7: Boos are raining down now. Mosley won't engage. Pacquiao keeps coming forward, looking for openings. Nazim Richardson screaming at Mosley in the corner. Man, this fight is amazingly boring. Crowd boos again at the bell. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 6: Few boos now for Mosley. Pacquiao still coming forward. Mosley, tying him up. More boos. Pacquiao charging in with combinations. Mosley not looking to do much. Very Josh Clottey-like. At this rate, this fight is going to be easy. And boring. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 5: Pacquiao's speed is blurring. Mosley throwing nothing effective. Now he throws a couple of decent punches. Pacquiao surprisingly inactive in this round. Hard left by Pacquiao. Quieter round, but another one for Manny. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 4: Manny chants picking up again in the crowd. Mosley is way, way too friendly with this guy. Always wants to tap gloves. Mosley slips and falls, no knockdown. Hard left by Pacquiao backs Mosley up. Couple of good jabs by Mosley. Good combination but Pacquiao blocks most of it. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 3: Nice left hook by Mosley to open the round. Hard right by Mosley. Combination by Pacquiao. Mosley down! Just the third time he has ever been knocked down. Vicious punch by Pacquiao! Mosley is hurt now. Pacquiao charging in, trying to close it out. Mosley moving around the ring, trying to survive the round. Getting his legs back now. Mosley survives. 10-8 PACQUIAO

Round 2: Not a lot of heavy action yet. Pacquiao reaching for a combination. Mosley counters with a hard combination into Manny's gloves. Hard left by Pacquiao to Mosley's head. Best shot of the night. Some headbutting going on now. Ref warns both fighters. Quick flurry by Pacquiao at the end gives him the edge on my card. 10-9 PACQUIAO

Round 1: Pacquiao connects with the first combination, an easy 1-2 punch. Mosley looking tentative early, Pacquiao looking for openings. Pacquiao connects with a a hard left to the body. Pacquiao the aggressor early. Another hard body shot. Mosley sticks him with a left hook. Mosley throws a right, but Pacquiao gobbles it up with the gloves. Mosley trying to jab but won't extend it much. 10-9 PACQUIAO

All time stamps are ET.

11:59: Kenny Bayless will be the third man in the ring tonight.

A smattering of boos mixed in with the cheers when Jimmy Lennon Jr. introduces Mosley. Pacquiao a clear fan-favorite coming in.

11:57: Chants of "Manny, Manny" echoing through the arena. Jamie Foxx jumps up from his seat and starts yelling "Sugar, Sugar."

11:54: A montage of Manny Pacquiao's greatest hits is on the big screens. The last video was the best: Pacquaio's devastating shot that sent Ricky Hatton into retirement.

And here comes Pacquiao. Survivor's Jimi Jamison singing "Eye of the Tiger" Now that's kind of cool, too.

11:51: LL Cool J leading Mosley to the ring singing "Mama Said Knock You Out." Nice, very nice.

11:46: I got an email from Alex Dombroff, PR guru for promoter Lou DiBella. Dombroff reminded me the last time Pacquiao lost he was sitting in the exact same seat at the MGM Grand and saw Arce finish a competitive fight in the final round.

Nice rendition of "God Bless America" by Jamie Foxx. Foxx is a big fight guy.

Pre-fight: More than 100 Congressmen traveled to Las Vegas to see the Philippines' favorite son. The word in Pacquiao's camp is that this has been one of his best camps to date.

A quick happy birthday to Blog Contributor Cheapo Tony, who at one point this week instructed me to put his newborn daughter's college fund on Mosley. As Blog readers know, Cheapo Tony is never, ever right.

Before we get started, a quick update on the undercard:

Welterweight contender Mike Alvarado (30-0) picked up a third round TKO over Ray Nahr after Nahr could not answer the bell in the fourth round. A Top Rank spokesman said Nahr (25-2) was vomiting and had diarrhea last night. Yes, I just wrote that.

Kelly Pavlik made his return to the ring after a 13-month absence while he battled an alcohol problem. Pavlik looked a little rusty against unheralded Alfonso Gomez. Fighting at 168-pounds, the former middleweight champion struggled to put together combinations and was, at times, outworked by the light hitting Gomez. Pavlik won a majority decision but looks a long way away from being ready for Lucian Bute, Mikkel Kessler or any of the top super middleweight contenders.

Jorge Arce-Wilfredo Vazquez was predicted to be the most exciting fight on the undercard. And it didn't disappoint. Arce, 31, turned back the clock on the 26-year old Vazquez, surviving a fourth round knockdown and standing toe-to-toe with the WBO junior featherweight champion until the 12th round, when he unleashed a relentless assault. Vazquez's corner threw in the towel (a water bottle, actually) less than a minute in, giving Arce his first title in the 122-pound division.