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Hot Clicks: Emmanuelle Chriqui; LeBron James goes missing in Game 4


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LeBron James did not make his No. 1 fan, Scottie Pippen, look good last night. King James was 3-for-11 from the field and made just one shot in the fourth quarter (is he clutch?) as Dallas evened the NBA Finals at two games apiece. In addition to working on his on-the-court game, after watching this clip, I think it's safe to say LeBron needs to work on his motivational speeches, too.

8 Points

LeBron James :: AP

After leading Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks with this photo of two Mavericks fans in silver and blue sparkly bodypaint, I got an e-mail from a reader who said that Dallas has an area set up outside its arena where fans can get free tickets (with the catch being you have to be dressed up in some bizarre get up). Here's a look at the lengths some Mavericks fans have gone for the free tix.

Speaking Of The NBA Finals...

And we're not even talking about Gus Johnson. First, we have a Cal Bears announcer screaming like a lunatic, losing his voice and then apologizing for his voice all in one call from Monday night's comeback win against Baylor. Next, we have two over-the-top calls from last night's U.S.-Canada game, which includes a Borat "waa-waa-wee-waa" shout out. (Thanks to Jeff, of Blacksburg, Va., for the link.)

Announcers Gone Wild

Let me give you some insight into the tough, hard-hitting decisions I have to make each day. I was all set to post a picture of model Miranda Kerr and link to this gallery today. But then I came across the photo above and this gallery of Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui and I had to make a last-second audible. Hopefully, I made the right call.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Emmanuelle Chriqui :: AP

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Last night in Kansas City, a dad dropped a foul ball that landed back on the field. Royals catcher Matt Treanor picked up the ball and flipped it to the dad. However, some dude cut in front of the dad, caught the ball and started to walk away. Kansas City fans were having none of that and booed the thief until he returned to the ball to the rightful owner. Meanwhile, check out the nifty grab this young girl made in Philadelphia last night.

Foul Ball Madness

Michigan fans aren't just reveling in the downfall of Jim Tressel: Their creative juices are flowing. This is proven by The M Zone's presentation of Vestocchio: The Jim Tressel Story.

Buckeye Bashing

Jimmy Kimmel sent his sidekick, Guillermo, to the NBA Finals. Hilarity ensued.

Sports Video Of The Day

Movie theater kicks out woman for texting during movie. Crazy woman calls theater and leaves rambling message ripping movie theater. Movie theater now plays message before each movie to remind people not to text during movies.

Movie Theater Video Of The Day