July 11, 2011

John Mackey stories in the SI Vault

Heroes Without Any Headlines By Tex Maule, November 29, 1965Led by a rough ol' country boy named Dennis Gaubatz at middle linebacker, the little-known lightweights of the Colt defense are helping Johnny U. and Company to another divisional title.

Owners Can Be Tackled, Too By Gwilym S. Brown, March 22, 1971Led by Colt John Mackey, who dishes it out on or off the field, NFL players charge management with delay of game and unsportsmanlike conduct.

"I'm Going To Punish Them For Last Year"By Gwilym S. Brown, August 30, 1971 Coming off a knee operation, hassled by negotiations, the mighty John Mackey was a flop on the field. Now he is out for revenge.

The Tight End Top 10 By Peter King, October 25, 2010In assembling SI's ranking of the NFL's alltime best at the position, we had to weigh what was most important in each player's era: blocking versus receiving. The list is based on how a tight end dominated in his time period, with extra credit for versatility.

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