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Hot Clicks: Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins preview; Ellie Gonsalves

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Here's a sampling of the Hot Clicks mailbox from over the weekend:

Jon, Champaign Ill.: "Who is the hot blonde women's volleyball player from the Czech Republic? She needs featured!"

Ted Hartman, of Rochester, N.Y.: I know you're not a huge fan of covering the Olympics on Hot Clicks. Regardless, the women of the Olympics need to start getting LLOD honors. My first two nominees are both beach volleyball players (quite possibly the best Olympic sport ever). The Czech Republic's Marketa Slukova and Italy's Marta Menegatti."

Scott, of Seattle, Wash., The media has been brainwashing us, telling us the hottest female Olympians to watch are Leryn Franco or Hope Solo or Lolo Jones. Where is the investigative journalism, Jimmy? More on Czech beach volleyballer Marketa Slukova. Surely, I cannot be the only one demanding this."

Dave Kerka, Hudson Ohio: Jimmy, I know you aren't to high on Olympics, but I would like to nominate Marta Menegatti as LLOD. She is an Italian beach volleyball player. I will kill two birds with one stone with this email. If you can use your considerable resources to find a link to the Ragu commercial that aired during the Olympics you won't be disappointed. I looked for 30 minutes."

Here is Slukova, here is Menegatti and here is the outstanding Ragu commercial.

Stealing The Show In London

Marta Menegatti :: DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/GettyImages

After a year off because of the lockout, Hard Knocks returns to HBO Tuesday night. Here's a clip from Episode 1.

Must-See TV

It's bold enough to get a tattoo on your forehead, but when it says, "I slept with Shaq," you've taken things to another level.

Tattoo Of The Day

Australian model Ellie Gonsalves (find her on Twitter and Facebook) gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ellie Gonsalves :: Neil Dixon

New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III REALLY likes rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden. (Thanks to Joe Clark, of Wadsworth, Ohio, for the link.)

Unintentionally Dirty Photo Of The Day

Gus Johnson + Erin Andrews + Go-Go Dancers + Unicorns = College Football on Fox.

Sports Video Of The Day

This guy is old enough to know that he should look both ways before he crosses the street.

Close Call Video Of The Day

That's a lot of wasted beer, but he had no choice.

Robbery Video Of The Day