Alex Morgan on Twitter marriage proposals and engaging fans

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Alex Morgan can be found on Twitter here: @alexmorgan13

How often do you check Twitter? Between 5 and 10 times a day.

Who introduced you to Twitter? I honestly don't remember but I think it was one of my college friends.

Three people I follow in my sport are.....?Rio Ferdinand, Jozy Altidore, and [Swedish soccer player] Caroline Seger.

Three people you would not think I'd follow are.....? Mike Tyson, OMG Facts, and Scott Disick.

I wish_________ was on Twitter? My best friend Kayla Cook, who recently moved to Japan.

An athlete from history I wish was on Twitter? It's not from history but I wish Kobe Bryant was on Twitter.

Last time I got into a Twitter feud? I've never been in a Twitter feud.

Through Twitter, I've become friends with _______? [Redskins' rookie quarterback] RGIII.

Describe your Twitter followers? Soccer fans and lots of teenage boys.


When I first started on Twitter I had less of a filter. I didn't have that many followers -- it was pretty much just me and my friends -- so I didn't think twice about what I tweeted. I didn't get any backlash or criticism of what I was saying so it was a lot more free and open than I feel now. I started changing the way I tweeted before the 2011 World Cup when we were given a brief outline as members of the [U.S. Women's Soccer] National Team on what we should and should not tweet, when we should tweet, and how we should word things. Then came the World Cup and I gained so many followers [she now has more than 940,000] that I soon realized a lot of people were listening to what I had to say, and some were going to criticize me if I was opinionated. But I try not to focus on that too much. I'm on Twitter now to get to know my followers and have my followers and fans get to know me.

I do have to tell you that people ask me out, and ask me to marry them basically every day on Twitter. It's hilarious. I'll tweet something like "I'm watching the Euro Cup" or something very simple and not opinionated or descriptive, and I'll get replies that have nothing to do with what I just said. What I usually do when I see those types of tweets is have a laugh and let it go. When I receive tweets like "You haven't responded to me in so-and-so days and I have been trying to get a reply for years," well, then, obviously, they are a fan my teammates and I, so I'll replay to them sometimes and let them know that I appreciate them following me. But ridiculous things like "Will you go out with me? Will you marry me?" I just let those things go.

The question of how people deal with sexually suggestive tweets is interesting because a lot of people deal with it very differently. I've noticed that some people re-tweet things said to them that are rude, appalling or racist because then their fans go after that person in support. But I don't like to deal with that. I don't want to even confront the situation. If the tweet it is rude to the point where I absolutely don't want that person to tweet at me again, I'll go to the point of blocking them.

My overall view on Twitter is I would love for my followers to get to know my personality and get to know me off the field. But I think one of the biggest reasons I'm on Twitter is to get the word out when we have games and where we are in the world. A lot of people are not able to find about us in the news. Our games are not always on television or in the newspapers so it's a great way to get people informed on who we are playing and what we are doing. Twitter has been really valuable for that.