December 12, 2011
Tom Crean

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With apologies to the almighty Tim Tebow, Hot Clicks is going to kicking things off today with another wild and crazy finish that you may have missed over the weekend just because of the amount of surreal things involved. Unranked Indiana knocked off No. 1 Kentucky Saturday on a three-pointer by junior forward Christian Watford at the buzzer. Here's what you need to know about that: 1) The facial reaction of Hoosiers coach Tom Crean (shown above) came AFTER his team won the game; 2) Dick Vitale had an orgasm on the air when Watford's shot went in; 3) ESPN gave the three points to Kentucky instead of Indiana, leading to the wrong graphic above; 4) The radio call by Indiana announcer Don Fischer was outstanding, as was the scene of Hoosier students storming the court; 4) Not to be outdone by the folks at the game, the scene at a local Indiana bar was insane. You can watch/hear the ESPN and local calls right here. You can watch what happened at Nick's English Hut bar right here. (Thanks to Steve, of Springfield, N.J., for the link.)
Tebow Of The Day
Sure, we can talk about Bears running back Marion Barber inexplicably going out of bounds late in the fourth quarter, which gave the Broncos time for a last drive in regulation. Sure, we can talk about Barber's fumble in overtime while Chicago was driving. Sure, we can talk about Broncos kicker Matt Prater hitting a 59-yard field-goal with three seconds left in regulation to tie the game at 10. Sure, we can talk about Prater nailing a 51-yarder to give Denver the win in overtime. But at the end of the the day, when all is said and done, this is all about one thing and one thing only.
NFL Round Up
Tom Brady got into a heated argument with offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. ... Rob Gronkowski remains unstoppable. ... Brandon Jacobs had the most suggestive touchdown dance of the day. ... Santa Claus proposed to a Titans cheerleader.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Lauren Budd :: Pete Mariner/Retna Pictures/Photoshot/Newscom
Devin, of London, says, "Jimmy, longtime reader. A while back you featured a model named Lauren Budd. I thought she would really become the next big thing, but I haven't heard anything about her. Can you feature her again to maybe give her a career boost?" The fact that Devin thinks being featured in Hot Clicks can give a model a career boost means I have to automatically grant his request. So here's a gallery of British model Lauren Budd.
The Sweet Sound Of Silence
Taylor University continued one of the great traditions in sports over the weekend. During its "Silent Night," the fans remained quiet until the team got its 10th point of the game. Then, they exploded in euphoria.
I Bet He Was Pissed Off
Rays pitcher David Price was trying to help out manager Joe Maddon with a charity function over the weekend by guest bartending at a local establishment. One of the patrons must have had too much to drink and this happened.
Sports Video Of The Day
Check out the catch by Montana State wide receiver Elvis Akpla against Sam Houston State in the FCS quarterfinals this weekend.

Christmas Card Video Of The Day
Brad, of Mesa, Ari., says, "Jimmy, every year at this time my wife makes me hoof it down to some far away location with our kids in search of the perfect Christmas card photograph. My wife is ever in search of a Christmas card that the masses will be proud of. Well, my wife's cousin just e-mailed out their YouTube video Christmas card, and let's just say any card we ever send from here into eternity will pale in comparison."

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