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Lance Armstrong settles lawsuit with SCA Promotions

Lance Amstrong and SCA Promotions reached a settlement in a legal dispute that started a decade ago. 
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Lance Armstrong and SCA Promotions reached a settlement in a legal dispute that started a decade ago on Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

The specifics of the settlement have not been released, but SCA had pursued as much as $10 million in repayment for bonuses it gave Armstrong while he was doping. 

SCA first suspected Armstrong of doping in 2005, pursuing evidence against him. After he admitted to doping in 2013, SCA demanded the $10 million payment, and an arbitration panel ordered Armstrong to pay it after he lied while under oath. 

Armstrong also issued an apology to SCA to go along with the settlement.

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''I am pleased to have this matter behind me and I look forward to moving on. I do wish to apologize to SCA and its (chief executive), Bob Hamman, for any misconduct on my part in connection with our dispute and the resulting arbitration,'' Armstrong said in a statement Sunday to The Associated Press.

Armstrong also faces a federal lawsuit in which the government is looking for $30 million in repayment to the U.S. Postal Service, which sponsored Armstrong's teams. The Associated Press reports that penalties in this case could reach $100 million. 

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